250 g Gold Bar

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€58.00 / g

Attention, precious metal prices & exchange rate risks may influence your purchase price, while the funds are still on the way & have not been credited to Hugo Freund & Co bank account.

Reference 81012757
Length 54 mm
Width 27 mm
Height 10 mm
Metal Purity 999,9
Refinery Heimerle + Meule
Country of origin Germany
Weight 250,00 g

The 250 g cast bar is a favourite with serious investors and is often selected by people who want to keep their pension funds in gold. The 250 g size is satisfyingly robust and it represents excellent value in comparison with smaller gold bars. It also offers investors more flexibility in terms of resale because you can resell 1 kilogram of gold over four separate occasions with 250 g gold bars. Heimerle + Meule is an LBMA approved German refiner that produces high-quality precious metal products that are valued by the world's leading investors and traders. 

Cast bars are popular amongst collectors and investors due to their traditional nature. From a physical point of view, if one is buying purely on weight and as an investment, then cast bars are ideal. Cast bars are created by pouring the melted metal into an open mold, typically made of graphite or other heat-resistant materials. The metal is then left to cool and is taken out after cooling lines have been exposed. It is cheaper to cast than mint and consumers end up with the same underlying metal value when it is sold by weight and purity. Given this universality, gold bars can be easy to buy and sell: they’re accessible and appealing to many buyers — commercial, private, domestic, or international.

  • 250 g of .9999 purity 24 carat fine gold
  • Attractive hand cast bullion bar
  • From an LBMA approved refiner
  • Gold investment bars are exempt from VAT
  • Lowest possible prices 
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