500 g Gold Bar

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€57.81 / g

Attention, precious metal prices & exchange rate risks may influence your purchase price, while the funds are still on the way & have not been credited to Hugo Freund & Co bank account.

Reference 81012758
Length 70 mm
Width 35 mm
Height 11,5 mm
Metal Purity 999,9
Refinery Heimerle+Meule
Country of origin Germany
Weight 500,00 g

Our gold 500 g bars are popular with buyers who want to see a visible increase in the value of their portfolios. They’re also ideal for those who want to diversify pension plans with gold and as we only supply 500 g gold bars from LBMA approved manufacturer Heimerle + Meule, they can be easily converted to cash should you wish to sell in the future. Over the years, gold has lost none of its allure and canny buyers understand that demand will always outweigh supply. Our 500 g gold bars are made from pure 24 carat gold (999.9/1000).

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