1 ozt Gold Bar minted

VAT included 0%
€59.70 / g

Attention, precious metal prices & exchange rate risks may influence your purchase price, while the funds are still on the way & have not been credited to Hugo Freund & Co bank account.

Reference 87892604
Length 38 mm
Width 21 mm
Height 2,1 mm
Metal Purity 999,9
Refinery Heimerle+Meule
Country of origin Germany
Weight 31,10 g

1 ozt gold bar is a highly popular size for investment purposes and one ounce gold bars can be easily added to existing stock or pension plans. You’ll see that gold invariably retains or increases its value, even when currency markets are in crisis. The demand for fine .9999 gold never falters and the classic 1ozt gold bar is universally recognised and highly tradeable. Our 1 ozt gold bars are sourced from LBMA approved manufacturer Heimerle + Meule - oldest German refinery.

Combining outstanding security features with 1 oz bar is a smart choice for those who want a solid investment or a reliable buffer from the effects of inflation. Recognised all over the world, the Heimerle + Meule 1 ozt bar can be easily liquidated if required.

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