100 g Gold Bar

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Reference 87892606
Length 55,1 mm
Width 30,1 mm
Height 3,2 mm
Metal Purity 999,9
Refinery Heimerle+Meule
Country of origin Germany
Weight 100,00 g

The 100 gram Bars by Heimerle + Meule bear a perfect colour and are tarnish-resistant. These combining properties make these bars an excellent purchase for investors.

Each bar is composed of 100 grams of the finest (.9999 pure) 24-carat gold. Gold is an important component of a diversified investment portfolio as it is known to maintain its value over the long term. It is also known that the value increases in response to events that cause the value of paper investments, such as stocks and bonds, to decline.

One of our most popular sizes, 100 g Gold Bars are a great choice for established investors. People are increasingly drawn to gold as a reliable haven for capital. t is proven to perform well in times of economic unease and your investment is less prone to the effects of inflation and currency fluctuation. Choose from either cast or minted 100 g gold bars, depending on your preference. Cast bars are the classic ingot while minted bars have a contemporary finish. However, they all contain exactly one hundred grams of pure 24 carat gold. 

All bars come in assay packaging with a tamper-evident seal.

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