20 g Gold Bar minted

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€59.46 / g

Attention, precious metal prices & exchange rate risks may influence your purchase price, while the funds are still on the way & have not been credited to Hugo Freund & Co bank account.

Reference 87892603
Length 32 mm
Width 18 mm
Height 1,9 mm
Metal Purity 999,9
Refinery Heimerle+Meule
Country of origin Germany
Weight 20,00 g

The Heimerle + Meule 20 g gold bar is the ideal investment. Each bar contains 20 grams of .9999 pure 24 carat gold, 20 g is also a nice amount to add to pension or savings plans at regular intervals, or whenever you please. Although gold prices can fluctuate, it’s still almost certain that you will see a profit on your investment in a relatively short time. Unlike other commodities, the amount of gold in the world is finite so it’s always in demand.

These meticulously struck investment bars bear the Heimerle + Meule crest along with their weight and purity and the handy, credit card type pack allows you to appreciate their beauty without reducing their resale value. 

Heimerle + Meule is an LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) approved oldest German refiner that produces gold bars that are renowned for their purity. Thus, you are assured of a product that is easy to trade should you wish to cash in assets in future.

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