50x1g UnityBars Gold Collection

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€60.16 / g

Attention, precious metal prices & exchange rate risks may influence your purchase price, while the funds are still on the way & have not been credited to Hugo Freund & Co bank account.

Reference 81016470
Length 10 mm
Width 120 mm
Height 90 mm
Metal Purity 999,9
Refinery Heimerle+Meule
Country of origin Germany
Weight 50,00 g

This Heimerle + Meule Gold Collection consists of 50 individual 1 gram gold bars, which are combined to form a unit in a handy plastic box. Stable value in harmony with a high degree of flexibility –  Heimerle + Meule new UnityBars are the perfect solution for people who invest wisely in the future and still want to remain open to change. You can also purchase these stylish 1 g bars individually and thus, for example, expand your collection piece by piece. We always have available in stock a varied sets of 1 g gold bars, manufactured by LBMA approved refiner Heimerle + Meule.

Why not take advantage of our competitive prices and add the world’s favourite precious metal by Heimerle + Meule to your portfolio? 50 g of gold is a great choice for investors who want to increase the value of stock portfolios or pension plans yet they are still portable and flexible. Due to its stability, there is a constant market demand for gold. This guarantees your investment is not only stable but also highly liquid.

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