We continue a long tradition, which was started in 1908 by the merchant and jeweler Hugo Freund. It was based on innovative approaches that we boldly continue. We honor his personality and achievements at that time. As then, today we do everything to make our customers as satisfied as possible.

History of the brand Hugo Freund & Co

Hugo Freund founded a jewelry company called Hugo Freund & Co. in 1908. Before that, he worked at “Simon Bush” where he gained a lot of experience and improved his business and other skills.

Right from the start, his company was innovative. In many respects, it differed from all other Prague companies. It was based on a very pro-customer approach and premium quality products. Hugo Freund personally visited all his customers and made sure to build relationships with them.

The brand first focused on the production of gold and silver jewelry and cutlery, later on diamonds.

Expansion of production to include watches and creation of the Primosa brand

In 1920, Hugo Freund decided to expand his business by introducing the sale of pocket watches. At the same time, he acquired the exclusive representation of Zenith watches and other Swiss manufacturers.

In 1930, he founded a limited liability company under the brand name “Primosa”, which was engaged in the production of watches and jewelry. A new large factory with state-of-the-art machinery was established. The quality was unrivaled and soon production expanded to lighters, earrings, pendants, etc.

Unfortunately, World War II halted the company’s tremendous rise. In 1942, Hugo Freund was arrested by the Nazis and deported to Terezín. He soon succumbed to cruel treatment in the Majdanek concentration camp.

The Revival of Hugo Freund & Co and Modern History

Primosa companies became part of national companies during the communist era in Czechoslovakia. But the brand kept its production facilities. In 1992, it began to revive under the original name Primosa.

After 100 years, in 2008, the latest history of the Hugo Freund & Co. brand began to be written. The company again began to focus on jewelry, diamonds and precious metals. However, it has remained true to its original values, such as top quality, superior customer service and exceptional service.

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