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1 g Gold

A universal and affordable bullion with which everyone can invest in gold. Buy 1 gram of gold and start building your investment base.
  • LBMA Good Delivery International Standard
  • The oldest gold and silver refinery in Germany
  • Possibility of immediate sale and purchase
15 mm
8,7 mm
0,43 mm
Country of origin
1 g
68.84 68.84 / gr Price sell
68.84 / gr Price buy

Available for delivery to 28 European countries.
Store in The Vault, our on-site precious metal storage facility
VAT free for non VAT registered private individuals

Investing in 1 gram of gold has a price

Investment gold weighing 1 gram is among the most popular. 1g gold bar is a good choice for beginner investors who want to build their stock gradually. It is better to buy gold by 1 gram than not to buy it at all. A 1-gram gold bar is also a great gift that has lasting value for the recipient. In addition, a 1g gold bar is exempt from VAT.

Heimerle + Meule –⁠ 1 g of gold from the world’s leading refinery

Heimerle + Meule is a traditional German producer of gold bars that has a very strong name around the world. Like the 1g gold bar, all other products stand out for their quality, which is confirmed by the “LBMA Good Delivery” certification, the highest and most prestigious certification on the market.

How to buy 1 gram of gold?

Gold has held its value for thousands of years and will continue to do so. Therefore, every gram of gold is important as a store of value for your money. When buying 1 gram of gold, it is important whether you want your 1g bar now or wait. The usual production process for gold bars takes up to 12 weeks. However, we have a superior service for you, thanks to which you will receive 1 g of gold immediately after the money is credited to our account. This service is charged at 10% of the gold price, which is derived from the current price on the stock exchange.

Do you have more resources? Buy more than 1 gram of gold

The smaller the gold bar, the more expensive it is to produce. Of course, this is also reflected in its price. Therefore, if you can afford it, it pays to exchange 1g of gold for a higher weight. But as we mentioned above, even 1 gram of gold is a good start to investing.

If you buy investment gold in 1 gram increments, you should do so regularly to make your investment meaningful.