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100 g Silver Bar casted

Harness the potential of the second most used commodity. Invest in affordable 50 gram silver bars.
  • LBMA Good Delivery International Standard
  • The oldest gold and silver refinery in Germany
  • Possibility of immediate sale and purchase
Country of origin
100 g
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Available for delivery to 28 European countries.
Store in The Vault, our on-site precious metal storage facility
VAT free for non VAT registered private individuals

Silver as the second most popular investment metal

Investing in 100 g of silver is suitable for anyone who expects a higher price movement on the market. However, over the long term, silver will reward you with higher appreciation. The demand for silver has been very high for a long time, the price of this commodity has considerable growth potential. Investing in silver is suitable for conservative investors or those who want to carefully diversify their investment portfolio.

Investment silver from the prestigious Heimerle + Meule refinery

Heimerle + Meule is a traditional German producer of gold and silver bullion, which has a very good reputation around the world. The products stand out for their quality, which is confirmed by “LBMA Good Delivery”, the highest and most prestigious standard in the market. Silver investment bars are scratch resistant, beautiful looking and have rounded edges.