Where to buy investment gold and what is it?

Where to buy investment gold and what is it?

Wondering how best to invest to get the most out of your money? We’ll tell you why you should choose gold, where to buy investment gold and what it actually is.

Why consider buying investment gold?

Are you wondering where to buy investment gold? But first you should ask yourself “why”. Gold is one of the investments that more and more investors rely on, especially in times of uncertainty. Or when an investor has sufficient money and wants to store it efficiently and safely. An example would be the sale of a property.

As inflation continues to rise and devalue money at a rapid rate, it is an ideal time to protect it. So if you are wondering where to buy investment gold, you are doing well.

It is important to point out that the value of gold has been steadily rising in recent years. By an average of 10%. There may be fluctuations, but that’s par for the course in the investment field. Investment gold is still a very high-quality investment, and its high liquidity and stability are among its other advantages.
If you don’t want to think long and hard about where to buy investment gold, you can do it right here.

Where and in what form to buy investment gold?

Before we get into where to buy investment gold, here’s some advice on what form to buy it in. You can buy gold coins. However, we recommend buying investment gold bars that have a certification number.
Why not buy gold coins? These are also made of pure gold. But when you convert them to weight, the price tends to be a little higher. This is because the price includes the artistic value of the coin.

Therefore, when you are wondering where to buy investment gold, mints are not the best option. Especially if you want to buy larger quantities of gold.

Investment gold bars have the great advantage that you can choose from many different weights. If you want to start slow, it’s no problem to get a 1 gram gold ingot. If you want to invest more, there are 500 grams, 1,000 grams and many other variants. When you find out where to buy investment gold well, it will be easy.

Where exactly to buy investment gold?

Finally, we come to where to buy investment gold. You can get it at mints, authorized shops or conveniently on an e-shop. Once you’ve decided where to buy investment gold, research the seller. A quality e-shop should sell precious metals from vetted refiners under the LBMA standard.

LBMA standard or where to buy investment gold

The LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) is the highest authority on the gold market. It oversees Good Delivery standards and issues rules for the London Bullion Market. So, if you’re looking for a place to buy investment gold, you should check with your local shop to see the standard.

In fact, the London Bullion Market Association is an inventory of recognised refiners that can supply investment gold to the market. These companies are monitored for the reason that they meet the strict conditions of the LBMA. There are a total of 70 such recognised gold refiners in the world. And Heimerle + Meule is one of them.

Investment gold and the Good Delivery label

The Good Delivery designation is a prerequisite for investment gold bars to be traded internationally. Gold so marked is highly liquid because it is the guaranteed quality that makes it tradable by all major dealers. Each Good Delivery bullion bar has a certificate of authenticity with a number.

Deciding where to buy investment gold?

Already know where to buy investment gold? Buy it from us. We sell investment gold from Heimerle + Meule, a company with a tradition dating back to 1845. The company began trading precious metals in 1920 and has been one of the world’s most important refiners ever since.

The Heimerle + Meule refinery is part of the LBMA group, thus declaring the quality and workmanship of its bullion of the highest purity.

Choose investment ingots in our e-shop

Don’t overthink where to buy investment gold. Explore investment gold in our online shop. For each product, you’ll find a clear gold price chart that looks like this:

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